Completely In The Dark

Well bugger me backwards with a basting fork and call me Basil but I am NEVER doing that again! Little motorbikes are so not designed to be ridden in the dark, I’d have had a better chance if I’d strapped one of these onto the front bracket.


Rear light-  lovely and bright, indicators – light up like a feckin Xmas tree, front light – dimmer than the cast of TOWIE  on valium. On the plus side my avoidance technique is now superb, speed-bumps that loom out of the darkness like Mount Fuji, sinkholes, Ents, (possibly I was hallucinating by that point)…

The irony of a crash on the way home from a Blood Bikes Wales meeting was not lost on me as I tottered, moth-like, between streetlights but it seems my over-worked Guardian Angel yet again stepped up to the plate along with St. Christopher, Hermes, Rhiannon, Hecate of the crossroads and an undoubted host of other Protectors. I’m off to uncork the damson gin and pour libations.


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