Lost In Neath

My ability to get lost in the simplest of places astonishes even myself… I have successfully navigated round Denmark, round parts of France, most of the UK including the Swindon Magic Roundabout (on the second attempt), but put me in an industrial estate and I have no more directional ability than a drunken gnat.

It was such a nice little idea. Pop down a side road to have a quick water-stop and look at Neath Abbey and the Tennant canal, then back to the A4230 and M&P Swansea. Somebody in Neath Council is a sadistic one-way enthusiast, and this is a TRAP! You can get in but you can never get out. Many heed the siren call of the ruins, but few return to the lands above…Admittedly the signage could have been better but still. There is no excuse for today’s joyful excursion which saw Mike the Bike and I crawl over increasingly potholed tracks until we ended up facing the wrong way in a quarry somewhere near Skewen. At this point we faced a choice of either trying to turn round and go back over the railway lines which stood about 3 inches proud of the surrounding gravel, or push on sideways down a bank of hardcore scree. We chose the sideways option, slithering down on the clutch, both feet and tyres skidding, wishing I’d paid more attention 30 years ago when I went pillion on a dirt-bike.

Shaken, stirred and with slightly looser teeth and bolts we finally made it out of Pothole Hell and straight onto the A465. Which was nice.

Sacking off the whole idea of M&P (and yet another industrial estate) we made for home the long way round, ending with a blast over the heath on full throttle. All 55 mph of it.


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